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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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Togo: Huge fines for maritime infringement

Our correspondents  ETIC Sas and Africa P&I Togo, provided us with the latest information on hefty fines for maritime infringement in Lomé. Recent developments in Lomé have expanded the role of Customs Authorities, particularly concerning maritime infringements, which were previously handled by the Maritime Police. The Customs Authorities now have the power to impose significant fines, often exceeding one hundred million Euros, and may detain vessels until fines are settled. It’s crucial for ship crews to strictly adhere to regulations, refrain from engaging in any illicit trade with local fishermen, and rely solely on the ship’s agent for purchases or needs while at anchorage in Lome, Togo.

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Contact details:

ETIC sas

3/5 Rue Gilbert Dru
13002 Marseille

Emergency phone: +33 495 061 192
Web site:

Africa P&I Togo

Rue Mobutu Seseko
Ablogame N°2 Zone Portuaire
B.P. 9114 Lomé-Port

Phone: +228 2271 9455
Fax: +228 2271 9455
Emergency phone: +33 4 9506 1192

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