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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Press Release

DNV GL, Gard and The Swedish Club work together to help reduce anchor losses

Press release – Oslo 8 March 2016: The root cause of many groundings and collisions, lost anchors are among the top five reasons for claims costs. A rising number of anchor losses reported over the last several years prompted DNV GL, Gard and The Swedish Club to investigate this issue.

Based on an analysis of damage cases involving anchor and anchor chain losses, the project partners have issued a report identifying the most frequent technical and operational causes, and some steps crews and operators can take to address them. 

Håkon Skaret“One of the key takeaways of our investigation is the importance of the officers and crew being aware of the environmental loads their equipment is designed for, ” says Håkan Skaret, Senior Principal Engineer at DNV GL.

“If these limits are not taken account of in shipboard anchoring procedures, there can be significant damage to the vessel – even beyond the loss of anchor and chain. Many anchor losses are avoidable, if the proper maintenance and handling procedures are adhered to.”

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