Instructions Entry/Condition Surveys

Instructions Entry/Condition Surveys

Please revert with the name of a surveyor in order for us to inform Owners/Master.

Survey terms and information

Normally, the extent of the survey should be such that no more than one full day of attendance is required. If, for some reason, the surveyor considers that more time is needed, contact the Club for approval before proceeding.

Preliminary advice with a list of recommendations, if any, is to be forwarded to the Club no later than one day after the survey. The surveyor should also state whether the list of recommendations has been forwarded to the Master, Superintendent and/or Owners.

The final condition survey report based on the appropriate template with enclosed photo albums, ship's particulars etc., is to be forwarded to the Club no later than two weeks after completion of the survey.

Complete invoice for the services with a breakdown of costs is to be forwarded together with the report. For VAT purposes, the invoice is to be issued in the name of the vessel's owner c/o The Swedish Club.


The Swedish Club prefers electronic reports compiled as single documents in PDF format. Digital photographs with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi are generally accepted but must be compiled in albums.

The Swedish Club's general report templates shall be used. To download and use these Word templates, right-click the link and select 'Save As'.

Condition survey - Protection & Indemnity (P&I) only

Survey forms for P&I entries have been developed jointly within the International Group of P&I Clubs. Please download and use the appropriate forms corresponding to the ship type under survey (V9.0 14/11/2017))

Important - Read this first

Part A - Condition Survey Report Form

Part B - Survey Questionnaire - all ship types

Part C - Barges Dry Cargo Bulk  
Part C - Barges Liquid Cargo
Part C - Bulk, General Cargo and Other
Part C - Chemical Tanker 
Part C - Container Ship
Part C - Fishing Vessels
Part C - Gas Tanker 
Part C - Hatch Covers Multi Covers
Part C - Hatch Covers
Part C - Oil Tanker 
Part C - Passenger - Ro-Pax 
Part C - Passenger Vessels
Part C - Reefer
Part C - RoRo 
Part C - Tugs

Part D - List of Defects 

Condition survey - Hull & Machinery (H&M) only

Please use the templates below if you have been instructed to conduct a condition survey for a Hull & Machinery entry.

H&M – Condition Survey (Word)

The "Masters' Information" form is to be completed by the vessel's master in connection with an H&M entry/condition survey. Print a hard copy of this form and ask the vessel's master to fill out the form and include it in the final survey report.

H&M – Master's Information (Word)

Form for recommendations issued in connection with an H&M condition survey. Print a hard copy of this form to have it handy in case any recommendations

H&M – Recommendations (Word)

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