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Cargo shifting in adverse weather conditions is a common cause of damage to RoRo cargo. Insufficient lashing and incorrect speed lead to high accelerations in high waves.

Facts and Findings
  • Most damages occur during heavy weather.
  • Transport of paper reels has caused a lot of claims, as they are susceptible to wet and physical damage.
Preventive measures
  • Check and verify that the lashing methods follow the requirements outlined in the ship’s Cargo Securing Manual. The manual should be applicable for the stowage arrangements and lashing equipment used, written in a language readily understood by the crew and other persons employed to secure the cargo.
  • Stowing, separation and lashing of dangerous goods according to IMDG code.
  • Due to increased accelerations, trailers stowed on the weather deck often require more lashings.
  • Trailers with a high centre of gravity or loaded with sensitive cargo are recommended to be placed amidships.
  • Lashing equipment and securing points must be maintained regularly and inspected for wear.
  • Hatches and ramps must be closed and secured before leaving port.
  • To avoid shifting paper reels refrain from lashing reels of different dimensions in stow.
  • Monitor weather reports and apply extra lashings before adverse weather conditions are encountered.
  • In bad weather, adjust course and speed to ease the ship’s motion.