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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Circulars – P&I – No: 2670/2021

Paperless Trading Electronic Trading Systems Update to essDOCS Terms and Conditions


Members are referred to Circular dated 26/02/2013.

DSUA v. 2013.1 – Previously approved

The International Group had previously approved Electronic Shipping Solutions version DSUA v. 2013.1. This version continues to be approved.

DSUA 2021.1 – Approved

This circular confirms approval by the International Group of an updated version of essDOCS’s electronic trading system. This version is called DSUA 2021.1 and supersedes essDOCS’s previous electronic trading system DSUA 2013.1 which remains approved for the purposes of Club cover. DSUA 2021.1 will come into effect as of 1 July 2021.

Changes in DSUA 2021.1

This circular notifies Members of the following changes to the DSUA:
(1) a minor change in trading name from ESS-Databridge Exchange Limited to essDOCS; and
(2) updating the reference to the applicable data protection law in DSUA Terms & Conditions paragraph 4.12;
(3) extending DSUA Terms & Conditions paragraph 8 to include recent amendments to Singapore law, specifically the Singapore Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Act which came into force on 19 March 2021 and which recognises electronic bills of lading under Singapore law; and
(4) adding the option to select the jurisdiction of the Singapore courts in DSUA Terms & Conditions paragraph 17.

Other exclusions of cover under Group Club Rules continue to apply

Members are reminded that other exclusions of cover under Group Club Rules relating to the carriage of cargo will, of course, continue to apply in respect of all the IG approved providers in the same way as for paper systems.

These exclusions include;

a) discharge at a port or place other than the port or place provided for in the contract of carriage,

b) the issue/creation of an ante or post-dated electronic document/record, and

c) the delivery of cargo without the production of the negotiable electronic document/record, which – in the case of an approved electronic trading system – will mean delivery of cargo other than in accordance with the rules of that trading system.

All clubs in the International Group have issued a similarly worded circular.