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Application for Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Certificates

The application process for Maritime Labour Convention Certificates has now started and Members are advised to use the attached combined Application and Undertaking Form.

The Maritime Labour Convention enters into force on 18 January 2017 and Members have the three following options in the Application Form so far as Certificate validity is concerned:

  1. 18 January 2017 – 20 February 2018
  2. 18 January 2017 – 20 February 2017
  3. 20 February 2017 – 20 February 2018

Members are asked to take note of the Undertakings in the application form : the first part refers to general undertakings in regard to the issuance of Maritime Labour Convention Certificates and the second part refers to undertakings regarding validity options A and/or C above.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Underwriting Team so that Certificates can be produced and sent out.

Application for MLC Certificates November 2016.pdf

Read more about the Maritime Labour Convention here».

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