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Seven ways to own the world

As one of the speakers at the Club’s AGM this year, Andreas Ekström opened a thought-provoking, funny and sometimes alarming discussion around digitalisation and how it impacts us all.  

“I am not into this because of the technology of technology, but I consider the sociology side,” he said. “I am more interested in power and responsibility – that is the important thing in the digital revolution. There is a huge shift of power. Who is going to take responsibility?”

In the age of AI, we need to make sure we ask the right questions, and that we continue to do so, he stressed. He highlighted seven unresolved ‘large digital issues’ and where the audience could think longer and deeper about what this might mean for them.

“I am not a tech guy. I just look like one, so whenever I come into the room, people think I have come to change the toner in the printer.”

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