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Watch the webinar recording on fire and electric vehicles


Another webinar was successfully hosted by the Loss Prevention department that focused on “Fire! Electric vehicles on board –  should we be worried?” on April 26, 2023, in cooperation with the Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE. Franz Evegren, Director of the Fire Safety Unit together with Magnus Arvidson, Fire Protection Engineer LTH, both from RISE, shared their insights on the topic of electric vehicle fire safety during transportation. The presenters identified the major hazards of electric vehicle fires, how to deal with them and how to tell fact from fiction when considering the risks.

The advice is based on many years of research in projects like BREND, E-TOX, LASH FIRE and a decade of battery fire testing.

After the presentations, the Q&A followed, and the audience had the opportunity to ask questions about this interesting topic. The webinar was moderated by Lorraine M. Hager, Loss Prevention and Marketing Advisor and Joakim Enström, Senior Loss Prevention Officer.

We thank RISE and the presenters for sharing their expertise on this webinar.

Watch the full recording below:


Download the presentations below:

Presentation of Franz Evegren

Presentation of Magnus Arvidson


For more information about the Lash Fire project, visit the website –>