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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Advice, Loss Prevention

A summary of sanctions in relation to Iran trading

Prohibited cargoes and activities

• Shipment of military goods and technology
• Shipment of missile technology
• Shipment of goods and technology which could contribute to Iran’s development of nuclear weapon delivery systems
• Shipment of equipment for internal repression
• Shipment of equipment for monitoring communications
• Shipment of US goods
• Any US involvement including US dollar transactions
• Involvement of persons or entities on the US SDN list or EUs list of targets

Cargoes that require a license

• Goods and technology on the Nuclear Suppliers Group list
• Other listed dual-use goods and technology that could contribute to reprocessing, enrichment-related, heavy water-related or other activities inconsistent with the JCPOA
• Graphite and raw or semi-finished metals
• Enterprise Resource Planning software, designed specifically for use in nuclear and military industries

For detailed information about EUs and USAs sanction regimes please see the Sanctions-page.

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