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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Advice, Loss Prevention

Nearly 82 percent of all crew kidnappings were reported from Gulf of Guinea

International Maritime Bureau (IMB) keep focusing on Gulf of Guinea as a high-risk area for piracy, after summarizing the latest incidents this year. Although a historic Nigeria meet was held last month to tackle piracy in the area.

This crucial and historic maritime security conference in Abuja, Nigeria has paved the way for greater cooperation between the various stakeholders, according to the latest issue of the ICC newsletter.

The latest ICC Newsletter Commercial Crime International also includes the following:

FraudNet’s inaugural Beirut meeting sees the appointment of two new co-executive directors.

Eighteen members of an international fraud network have been charged.

Europe’s Council of Ministers has adopted new rules on whistleblowers’ protection.

Companies using offshore tax jurisdictions must assess if their strategies can be branded unethical, as well as illegal, causing them reputational as well as financial damage.

Monitoring of transactions and suspicious transactions reporting in the EU are still areas of concern.

Singapore: a new service is helping banks boost compliance checks.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has issued an alert about cloud-based e-mail account takeovers.

Cybercrime is shifting to larger targets and new technologies.

The Bank of England has published the findings of the financial sector cyber simulation exercise.


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