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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Advice, Loss Prevention

Sign up for TELP – Trade Enabling Loss Prevention

Our mission is to enable you to trade – we are here to help you. The Swedish Club’s Trade Enabling Loss Prevention programme, TELP, combines technology with years of claims experience, helping your vessels safely chart their way through high-risk areas around the globe.

Through TELP, The Swedish Club now has the capacity to provide Loss Prevention advice proactively, for your vessel type and your destination. We can track every vessel we insure, match this information with our own statistics and records, and provide members and their vessels with timely, tailored advice when they are approaching high-risk areas.

“Getting information on board that is specific to the trading area will sharpen the eyes of the crew. TELP is a very good idea that we are sure will reduce claims.” Sebastian Völchner, NSC Shipping GmbH & Cie. KG

If your vessel is bound for a Hotspot, you will receive loss prevention advice. Based on AIS transmissions we identify vessels bound for a Hotspot. A few days prior to arrival, a message with loss prevention advice relevant for that Hotspot is sent to the vessel via your shore organisation. 
Loss Prevention advice – Click here to see an example»

Our correspondents constantly provide us with information and updates on local conditions, e.g. health issues, disruptions in a port’s cargo handling or specific navigational warnings. TELP enables us to automatically share this essential information with you through our Correspondent’s advice. 
Correspondent’s advice – Click here to see an example» 


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