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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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The Swedish Club supports the Mariner vaccination initiative offered by IMC-3M

The US government recently decided to make Covid-19 vaccines available at no cost to mariners on vessels calling US ports.

The IMC team is deeply committed to assist companies employing eligible mariners to be vaccinated should they so wish by facilitating the opportunity following the CDC regulations. As expected, there is a tremendous demand to get ship crews vaccinated and sadly no shortage of individuals and companies seeking to profit on that demand.

IMC is working closely with the North American Maritime Ministries Association (NAMMA – and other caring and reputable organizations around the US coast to assist in finding ethical, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Please note that though The Swedish Club supports this initiative, we do not recommend or evaluate specific medical facilitators administrating the vaccine.

More information on the initiative can be found on the following link:


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