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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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The situation in Israel is expected to be dynamic

The situation in Israel is expected to be dynamic, with potential shifts in the operational status of ports occurring abruptly. We have been provided with the following updates by local correspondent Harpaz P&I pertaining to the current port situation in Israel. It is strongly recommended that you reach out to local agents for the most recent advice if you have a vessel engaged in trade with Israel.

11 October 2023


The port of Ashdod remains operating as usual ( the current restriction on vessel’s carrying Hazardous Materials (“HAZMAT”) still valid)

The port of Haifa which also include the Haifa Bay port and Israel shipyard port remain operating as usual.

The port of Ashkelon – Vessels at this port discharge cargo only whilst moored at sea buoys , this port is still not operating as usual and decision to moored vessel is taken basis the security situation which can be changed any day.

Today one vessel is schedule to berth at Ashkelon. The port of Hadera remains operating as usual. The port of Eilat remains operating as usual.


09 October 2023


On 7/10/23 the Hamas terrorist organization launched massive barrages of rockets from Gaza into Israel (more than 2500) and its terrorist operatives have infiltrated into Israel in a number of different locations in the south.

Hereunder an update:

Ashdod port is currently operate and we assume it will continue to operate during the following days but it will be on “ Emergency Mode” status.

The port of Haifa which also include the Haifa Bay port and Israel shipyard port is operating as usual.

The port of Ashkelon ( used mostly by Tankers ) is not operating.

The port of Hadera ( mostly used by Bulk carrier ( is operating as usual )

The government of Israel declared a state of WAR against the Hamas.

The fights take place in the southern part of Israel and the port of Ashdod and Ashkelon is not far away from this area having said that the Israeli Navy control all the sea traffic in all areas around and near the port of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

We follow the news and any notification that will be issued by Ashdod port authorities and/or Israeli Ministry of Transport (IMOT) and will keep you updated.

Hereunder a message issued on 7/10/23 by Ashdod port authorities which relate to vessel’s carried hazardous material (HAZMAT).



To: Shipping Agents

Subject: Entry of Vessels with Hazardous Materials to Ashdod Port – Temporary Procedure

1. Following an announcement about “special situation in the hinterland” in the geographical area in which Ashdod Port is included, the Ministry of Transportation has directed the port to regulate the entry of vessels according to the hereby procedure:

2. Entry of vessels carrying Hazardous Materials (“HAZMAT”) of any kind into Ashdod Port, is subject to a prior approval of Israel’s Administration of Shipping and Ports.

3. Please note that according to the directives of the Home Front Command, entry of vessels carrying HAZMAT of class classification groups: 1, 2.1, 2.3, as well as substances appearing in the table in the link below, will not be allowed:

4. Shipping agents are required to send detailed list of all HAZMAT of any type on vessels scheduled to arrive at the port of Ashdod, 48 hours prior its arrival at the port. The above applies to both container ships and general and bulk cargo ships.

5. The list should include 3 reports: import, export and transit of HAZMAT.

6. The list must be send to the control room of the TOS unit, by email:

You must verify the receiving of the list at the TOS unit, at phone +972-8-8517103/247.

7. Failure to transfer the list on time may cause a delay in the vessel’s entry into the port.

8. The Shipping Agents are required to be in contact with port’s planning unit, in order to receive information about the approval of vessels to call the port.

9. The application of this instruction is immediate until further notice.


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