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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Member Alert

VPS circulates advisory to prevent costly and devastating engine failures


Over the past five years, a surge in high-profile cases of chemically contaminated marine fuel has resulted in costly engine damages for numerous vessels worldwide, occurring in various locations, including Houston, Europe, and Singapore.

These incidents, along with numerous isolated cases, have revealed a range of chemical contaminants responsible for the damages, underscoring the need for proactive screening. One recent case study in April 2023 involved a Singaporean-owned tanker bunkering contaminated VLSFO in Houston, leading to extensive engine issues and $200,000 in repair costs. The incident highlights the importance of chemical screening to prevent such incidents and prompts the question of whether ship owners can afford to neglect this crucial step in bunkering.

VPS also quoted The Swedish Club report in 2018: “A Swedish Club report in 2018, stated the average cost of a single fuel-related damage case is $344,000. With current fuel prices at $700/mt and an average bunker stem of 1,000mt, then a single GCMS-HS screening test to check for the presence of volatile chemicals within that one fuel delivery, equates to less than 0.008% of the cost of the fuel. Yet this service would provide a much greater level of protection to the vessel and avoid the risks associated with volatile chemicals within marine fuel.”

The Swedish Club publishes member alerts as a service to members. While the information is believed correct, the Club or the Correspondent cannot assume responsibility for completeness or accuracy.