Göteborg: 29 January 2020

Part 2 - Protection & Indemnity Insurance 2020/2021

The Swedish Club provides P&I cover for its members for each and every accident and/or occurrence up to approximately USD 6.0 billion. The high limit is needed to adequately protect members/shipowners financially and to make sure that they are covered for accidents that may occur under worst-case scenarios, when considering current international legislative schemes.

To be able to provide for these limits, the IG Clubs, where The Swedish Club is a member, re-insure each other as well as buy reinsurance together to ensure that insurance costs are kept to a minimum.

It is our aim to try to explain how we reinsure P&I liabilities on behalf of our members and the different costs involved, as well as showing how premiums are charged.

P&I Circular No 2652/2020: Part 2 - Protection & Indemnity Insurance 2020/2021

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Enclosures to P&I Circular No 2652/2020 Part 2

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