Göteborg: 11 January 2022

Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in Ghana

This is an update to our previous advice.

From 15 January, the Ghana Port Health (GPH) plans to impose a new regulation regarding the vaccination of crew members. According to the new regulation, all crew members must be vaccinated in order for the vessel to be granted free pratique. This concerns all vessels calling at ports and vessels staying at anchorage if a Ghanaian resident is required onboard the vessel.

GPH will offer an unvaccinated crew member to be vaccinated with a dose of Johnson and Johnson.

GPH has announced that vessels with unvaccinated crew members will be fined USD 3,500. This has been suspended but not cancelled. The GPH is still to decide the date from when a fine will be levied.

Please see Budd Group for the latest update.

The situation is very unclear and with unresolved legal impact. It is presently being discussed at ministerial level. We would recommend our members to be in close contact with their agent and local correspondent.


The Swedish Club publishes member alert as a service to members. While the information is believed correct, the Club or the Correspondent cannot assume responsibility for completeness or accuracy.