In The Swedish Club you belong to a highly qualified and committed team, participating in building and developing the top excellence that is required in our business.

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 By adding value, you gain value.

What does it take to join us?

Apart from financial security, we provide our members with professional assistance and advice in matters relating to insurance. This requires in-house expertise and excellence. As a result, our people require the relevant education and experience.

Typical educational backgrounds are degrees in: Maritime Law, Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding Engineering or Business Administration.

Location - our headquarter is situated in Gothenburg and we also have offices in Piraeus, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Oslo and London. More information about our offices.

We pay close attention to attitude and behaviour when selecting our people, such as: 

So, if you are a potential candidate and would like to join us, keep an eye on our vacancies section.