For the well-being of our members, business partners, and staff, this year's AGM will be a virtual meeting sent live from Gothenburg, 17 June 2021, at 09.45 am CEST.


09:45 a.m. CEST 
Introduction by Lars Rhodin, Managing Director

09:55 a.m. CEST
Anders Hansen, PhD, MSc, asks ‘Are you Brainfit?’
Chief psychiatrist, author and TV host, Hansen demonstrates how physical activity can increase our brains’ capabilities, discusses the effects our new digital lives have had on our brains and our health and explores what we can do to improve our well-being and performance.

10:50 a.m. CEST

11:00 a.m. CEST
The Annual General Meeting begins

12:00 CEST
The programme ends

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