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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

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Fire risks: Cargo hold lights

Fixed cargo lights can cause fire or explosions on combustible cargoes such as grain, animal feed, wood chips, pulp and paper. If the light is too close to the cargo, there is a risk of ignition.

Many bulk carrier/general cargo holds have fixed cargo lights, which can easily ignite combustible cargoes. Self-decomposition of fertilizer has been initiated in this manner.

Our Loss Prevention team has together with experts from Burgoynes highlighted the risks with cargo lights and how to avoid fire. The issue is also presented through a case study regarding a bulker loaded with sugar beet pellets, which did end up with burned cargo caused by badly connected floodlights.

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(from our publication Fire! A guide to the causes and prevention of cargo fires, page 36-39)


By highlighting the risks and causes of cargo fires we are striving at assisting shipowners and crews in their safety work.