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Cargo ship loaded with containers close to coast

Advice, Loss Prevention

Fire risks: Hot work and smoking

When doing hot work such as welding the risk of fire increases and the job calls for careful preparations. Our Loss Prevention team has together with experts from Burgoynes highlighted some cases when cargo fires occurred.

When it comes to smoking control it can be difficult where stevedores are working on board. When doing hot work, this has to be planned carefully with permits and risk assessment for the job. Even though accidents do occur which can damage cargo or even force discharge of all of the cargo to be made.

Once a fire has started, some bulk cargoes will smoulder for long periods even after closing and sealing holds and using CO2 to maintain a low oxygen concentration in the ullage space.

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(from our publication Fire! A guide to the causes and prevention of cargo fires, page 40-41)

By highlighting the risks and causes of cargo fires we are striving at assisting shipowners and crews in their safety work.